ClubJoy Megakwartaaldag 2015

28 september 2015 · Partypics

Wildest! Fotografie presents: The Solid Sound Convention a.k.a. ClubJoy Megakwartaaldag:

Clubjoy is organizing a “Megakwartaaldag” every 6 months. This, together with a bunch of funky workshops from presenters all around the world is called the Solid Sound Convention. Here everybody that signs up can enjoy the newest release of their special class. Clubjoy Cycle, Clubjoy Battle and Clubjoy Power are some classes that can be followed throughout the day. Presenters from around the world like Pawel Oracz (Step and Functional), Vincent Vianen (Hip Hop Dance) and Aneudi Cabral (Aerobics) are showing off their skills or profession. Clubjoy asked Wildest! Fotografie to make a complete photoreport to show everybody, what a powerfull and cheerfull day it was! A big thank you towards the organisation!
A big thumbs up and thank you towards the organisation! Superb management!
Photographer: Santos van den Berg
Camera: Canon EOS 6D
Glass: Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 II USM + Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II USM
Event: Solid Sound Convention / ClubJoy MegaKwartaalDag
Accreditation: ClubJoy NL
Copyright: Wildest! Fotografie. All Rights Reserved.

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